I’m On a Horse

Thanks to Jeffe for this one, and for suggesting this to have been the brainchild of a woman. I can’t stop giggling, honestly.

Full of win.

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10 Responses to I’m On a Horse

  1. Jeffe says:

    I'm still giggling, too

  2. C.J. says:

    I LOVED that!!  Getting hubby to come over here and watch it right now!!

  3. Sara McClung says:

    too freaking funny! I'm now on the giggle train… And like CJ am calling my husband over to watch it too!

  4. Medeia Sharif says:

    Very funny.  That man has style.

  5. fairyhedgehog says:

    "I'm on a horse"  is so random. It certainly had me giggling.

  6. fairyhedgehog says:

    Oh, and I've put this on my blog, with a thank you link to here!

  7. mynfel says:

    LOL! No problem. It's like a chain of absurdity. Pay it forward!

  8. Danica says:

    LOL, that was great! I might have to steal it too! I have to admit I love the new Old Spice commercials. They're the best. "I'm a man, and I smell like a man, but sometimes I'd like to smell like a different kind of man." Bwahaha

  9. Nessa says:

    Lol, that was so much fun.  🙂 Still giggling 😛  Awesome ^^

  10. KathTea says:

    Omg. ABSolutely made of win.

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