Snowed In.

I’m not entirely sure how much snow we got, but let’s just say over 30 inches and then some. However, I’d like to give a nice shout out to my neighbors for taking pity and digging me out this afternoon. Much obliged and there’s a gift card to a very nice restaurant coming your way shortly. 🙂

And no, I’m not a lazy sod who won’t shovel snow, but given the amount and the back issues, there’s not a chance I’m going to try it unless it’s a real emergency.  Mr Myn was gone all weekend as the police force put the shifts up in a nearby hotel so as to minimize travel, but finally came back late this afternoon (and helped out the neighbors as well).

We did lose power for about 8 hours yesterday, so I debated trying to dig out and head out to grandma’s, but in the end I decided to just tough it out. (And boo to the plows that *didn’t* clear my cul-de-sac until this afternoon.) I’m rather grateful for the electricity coming back on about 9 PM, especially since the time estimate given by Dominion Power was about 26 hours and it was starting to get pretty chilly in the house. Kids and I ate PB&J for dinner (I had no heat, phone or cooking capabilities, whee), I lit a crapload of candles and we hung out in the dark for a while. Kind of a nice lesson to them about what life was like in “olden times”, though I’m not sure Connor can really comprehend a world in which TV does not exist.

The only thing that truly sucks is that I wasn’t able to get any of the web programming done that I needed to do for FF&P, but a quick phone call to Liz set that to rights and I want to give her major props for stepping up and helping me out there as well.

School has been canceled for tomorrow (and probably for the next several days), so depending on if daycare is open or not, I may be doing a lot of work from home in the upcoming week. (And yeah, we’re supposed to get another 6 to 12 inches starting on Tuesday). At this rate the kids will be going to school until July. 😛

And on a rather silly note about lack of power – we just got this new funky trashcan on Friday (one of those itrash things), that opens and shuts by itself. It will probably break in 2 months, but at least the kids won’t have to touch the lid.) However, without electricity, the magic trashcan does not open – hence me stumbling about the kitchen in the dark trying vainly to throw away Lucy’s banana peel.

Ah, irony, what a fickle bitch you are.

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