Hello Kitty Win?

My Hello Kitty USB hub came in yesterday. It lights up (and changes color). It’s a card reader. It has three usb ports in the back.

I paid way too much for it, but I was in a **rough patch and the new computer doesn’t have a card reader, and limited front facing USB ports, so I figured, why not? I’m a sucker for things that light up anyway.

** Rough patch being that I got my MRI results back last week and yes, I’ve got scar tissue all around the surgical site. And the disc above the one that was operated on is now bulging out on the *right* side. And I have arthritis too. I was told that they only see this sort of damage in the spine of people who are much older. (Although, what’s funny is that they then hurried to tell me that this sort of thing wasn’t uncommon. Really? So which is it? Old lady back or nothing to worry about??)

They stuck me on a whole bunch of supplements – giant horse pills of chondroitin, and vitamin D and Omega 3. (I’ll admit I have my doubts – I’ve heard a lot of conflicting reports as whether any of these things actually work. I’ll give it 3 months, tops.)

And I don’t give a shit if the fish oil capsules *are* lemon flavored. They still taste like ass when I burp them up 45 minutes later.  (Lovely image, eh?)

I’m probably going to be a damn cripple by the time I’m 45.

In which case, expect to see a Hello Kitty LED on top of the walker.

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