One of *Those* Days

Yeah, it *is* one of those days.

And I’d rather not sit here and mope about the darkity dark recesses of my tortured soul today.

So I won’t.

I will, however, mention that I’m giving serious consideration to buying a pygmy hedgehog this weekend.

So there.

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3 Responses to One of *Those* Days

  1. KAK says:

    Is it the cuteness that's calling to you or the prickly quills? Oh, no wait, I know. It's the sound of his little feet covering miles upon miles during the dead of night.

    Phin will be jealous.

  2. Danica says:

    Pygmy hedgehogs all over the world are clamoring to be THE ONE and hopefully find themselves as a star character in the final installment of your series, entitled "Spines of Darkness".

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