One of *Those* Days

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Yeah, it *is* one of those days. And I’d rather not sit here and mope about the darkity dark recesses of my tortured soul today. So I won’t. I will, however, mention that I’m giving serious consideration to buying a pygmy hedgehog this weekend. So there.… Read more

Random Whining.

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You know, I’m definitely feeling a tad moody today, so I suppose I’ll just run with it for now. Again, I thought I had something much more intelligent to talk about today, but it’s not in me at the moment, so maybe this will help instead, aimless as it may be. It’s going to be cryptic, and that’s ok. I know what I mean and I suppose that’s all that counts. There’s a saying that you can’t go home again, and I suppose that’s true. Home doesn’t even have to be a specific place, I don’t think. It can be a feeling or a state of mind, maybe. I have a tendency to look back at the past as a sort of home, memories blurring until all I can remember are the good things, or maybe I’m just seeing them with rose-colored glasses. Seeing what I want to see. I… Read more