What is Home?

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Been looking around my house a lot lately, trying to figure out why I’ve never really felt comfortable there. Even in our last house, I always felt like I was “visiting”. (Well, except for the dirty diapers and all that), but it’s a strange feeling to come home and think there’s some place else you belong. And I don’t mean that family-wise. Just that it doesn’t feel like *mine*. I sat and thought about it a bit, and I realized that so much of what we have – the furniture, the pictures, the decorative “stuff” that’s hanging about in bits and pieces – isn’t mine at all. And it never was. I’ve never really been furniture driven, for example. I like to look at it, but that’s about it. Mr myn loves window shopping for stuff – so, when it came down to it, for the most part I let… Read more

Random Whining.

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You know, I’m definitely feeling a tad moody today, so I suppose I’ll just run with it for now. Again, I thought I had something much more intelligent to talk about today, but it’s not in me at the moment, so maybe this will help instead, aimless as it may be. It’s going to be cryptic, and that’s ok. I know what I mean and I suppose that’s all that counts. There’s a saying that you can’t go home again, and I suppose that’s true. Home doesn’t even have to be a specific place, I don’t think. It can be a feeling or a state of mind, maybe. I have a tendency to look back at the past as a sort of home, memories blurring until all I can remember are the good things, or maybe I’m just seeing them with rose-colored glasses. Seeing what I want to see. I… Read more