What Price, Purity?

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Warning: This is a bit of a rant, though I’ll try to keep it toned down. Much of it can be attributed to this article on the Washington Post, about the “re-virgination of women in China.” More specifically, this quote: Some men who were interviewed agreed about the importance of finding a virgin. “I really care about virginity,” said Xia Yang, product manager for a technology company. “If you go to buy a cellphone, of course you’d want to buy a new cellphone. Who would spend the same amount of money to buy an old cellphone that’s been used for two years?”  Yeah. And then my head exploded. Can someone *please* explain to me why a woman’s sole value is placed squarely on the existence (or lack thereof) of a membrane?  I mean, yes, the virginity thing is a common trope for so many historical romances – how the heroine… Read more

Rebel Without A Clue

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Jeffe picked out this picture for me yesterday, after I lamented to her about Connor’s latest 1st grade trials and tribulations. It turns out Connor appears to have a bit of an issue with authority. Not in a particularly evil way – I don’t suspect he’s got a plot for world domination just yet. Just that he apparently doesn’t feel the need to pay much attention to the rules. I’m of two minds on this. On one hand, if he’s distracting the other kids from getting their work done for whatever reason, then yes, his ass needs to be handed to him – and it has been, several times. On the other, he got written up last week for jumping down the stairs in the hallway instead of walking. And again yesterday for making a siren sound in the lunchroom.  And for destroying school property – for putting a pencil… Read more


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JR Ward’s Lover Mine came out yesterday. I was all set to download it to my Kindle. Only, I couldn’t. Even though I’d had the ability to pre-order it a few months ago, the link to to buy it is now gone. As is the one from the new Sookie Stackhouse book coming out next week. Why? Because Penguin and Amazon are in a pissing match about e-book prices. And there’s already been a ton of discussion about the whys and wherefores of what’s going on so I don’t really want to get into it here. But what I want to say is that as a consumer, it really blows. Lover Mine is apparently available on the Nook right now, and my understanding is that people who have called into Penguin directly to complain were told to go and download it from Barnes & Noble. Really? What if I don’t want… Read more

The Trouble with Transformers

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This is sarcasm, you understand. As far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing wrong with Transformers at all. Hell, when I found out Chevy was offering a Transformers package I nearly wet myself. I mean, I would be the absolute coolest mom in the world if I could park Bumblebee in my driveway. (And yeah, I know it’s not quite the *right* shade of yellow, but that didn’t stop me from building one online. $40 k later…eh, I’m a tad less likely, but you never know.). Anyway, the point of this mini-rant is that Connor is mildly obsessed with them. Just like he was mildly obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine a few years ago, and Speed Racer after that. And next year, I’m sure it will be something else – Astroboy, maybe. Bakugon. Whatever it is, I’m sure it will be Japanese and plastic. Anyway, obsession being what it is,… Read more

Crap Food in a Box Review #1

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The sad fact of the matter is that as much fun as it is to work from home, I have this massive tendency to eat. Whether it’s just boredom or stress (or too much late night snacking while I write or play WoW or whatever). I was doing very well for a while there, but I need to tighten that belt down a bit more than I have been. A pound here or there makes no real difference – until you ignore them. (And yes, back surgery does tend to make one a slug – I’m only cleared for light walking as it is, so it’s not like I’m gonna be training for a marathon any time soon.) In that respect I’m actually kinda looking forward to going back to work next week. Something about my mindset maybe – I bring the food I’m going to eat for the day… Read more