Random Rant…

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Why is it that the only book out there on Shelta is from 1937?  And why can’t I find a copy for under $180???  Used??? Irish friends, can you help a girl out?? Unrelated rant: Nathan Bransford turned me down in less than an hour today!  W00t! An almost instantaneous rejection…but sooo much better than waiting six months, eh?… Read more

Musings on Being a Turtle.

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So, I was hoping the second day would be the worst of it, but as of this morning and a very sleepless night, I’m going to have to say day three is really kinda blowing. I attempted to be good and go to bed early (9:30 whee!), but that ended in me mostly just lying there awake and unable to sleep.  Muscles are all completely on fire today=> the turtle picture is because that’s pretty much how I feel. Lay me on my back and it takes me a very long time to get up.  (And I can no longer seem to kick mr myn when he snores…I just sorta flail there…pretty pathetic. LOL) Definitely stiffer all over today, mostly because of whatever weird position they had me during the surgery. (Think they draped me sorta half upright over something…my ribcage and upper arms are definitely letting me know about… Read more

No, no…nearly…but NO.

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*chucks book against the wall* To protect the innocent, I’m not going to mention the title of the book I’m currently pissy about. Or the author. Both are popular and I’m not actually interested in bashing. (Or maybe I’m chickenshit. Probably both.) Point being, I’ve wasted several hours of my time reading something that everyone raves about. I want my money back. In fairness, the writing was fine. In fact, the whole thing was a fairly fast read to start. Did I buy the premise? Eh. Not so much, but I could overlook it in the effort to find an actual plot. And it was a typical romance set up. Big, bad-ass hero. Dresses in leather. He’s a bazillion years old. Never known love. Driven by self-loathing. Hangs out with a bunch of other big, bad-asses who are side-characters atm, but are bound to be the stars of their own… Read more

Welcome to America! Now change your name so people can say it easier.

Posted in asian, rant, TSTL | 4 Comments Meh. I’m not Asian – but I’m married to one, so therefore, my surname is Asian. Admittedly it’s an easy name to pronounce, but seriously? Does this woman really think we have the right to ask people to give up their culture, just to make it easier for her? “Rather than everyone here having to learn Chinese — I understand it’s a rather difficult language — do you think that it would behoove you and your citizens to adopt a name that we could deal with more readily here?” Brown said. Ok…let’s not forget all those German names. Or Polish names. Or Indian names. Or Russian names. Or Hispanic names. Oh hell. Let’s just give *everyone* a nice WASP name like Miller, or Smith, or BROWN. You know. To make it easier. Feh. The mind boggles.… Read more

Guns are bad! No wait, can mr myn be my bodyguard???!

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see more pwn and owned pictures Just a mini rant here. As most of you know, mr myn is a police officer. He likes guns. I like guns. I own a gun. We own many guns. I have a concealed carry permit. Whee. And no – I’m not getting into a discussion about gun control. It’s an unwinnable argument. You can believe what you want and I can believe what I want and never the twain shall meet and all that. However, you know what cracks me up? People who go on and on about how guns are bad and they’d never own a gun, or look on people who own them as some kind of social lepers, but then ask if mr myn can come and “take care” of an issue for them. “Hey, your husband’s a cop, right? My ex-bf is coming to this thing I’m at and… Read more