Musings on Being a Turtle.

So, I was hoping the second day would be the worst of it, but as of this morning and a very sleepless night, I’m going to have to say day three is really kinda blowing. I attempted to be good and go to bed early (9:30 whee!), but that ended in me mostly just lying there awake and unable to sleep.  Muscles are all completely on fire today=> the turtle picture is because that’s pretty much how I feel. Lay me on my back and it takes me a very long time to get up.  (And I can no longer seem to kick mr myn when he snores…I just sorta flail there…pretty pathetic. LOL)

Definitely stiffer all over today, mostly because of whatever weird position they had me during the surgery. (Think they draped me sorta half upright over something…my ribcage and upper arms are definitely letting me know about it now!).   The sad thing is that even with all that, my mind is fairly awake and active…fingers itching to write or to at least get some ideas down…but I can’t sit for maybe more than 5 to 10 minutes before getting super stiff again.  Not worth it, IMHO.

In fact, think that’s just about it for this post.  Off to walk again, and hopefully mr myn can go to one of those Health Back places and get me some kind of Tempur-pedic cushions to sit on. (The staples are a bitch to lean on, let me tell you!).

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