True Love…

…is having your husband wash your hair when you can barely stand in the shower. 🙂

Actually attempted to get clean yesterday, and it helped.  I can’t get my back wet yet, so we ended up putting some funky plastic wrap over the dressing and just sort doing the best we could with the front. By the end of it I was so utterly exhausted I pretty much passed out on the bed immediately, but at least I no longer smell like the hospital.

Good news? It’s a little better on day 4. I’m living with an ice pack strapped to my waist, but that helps tremendously. Actually managed to sleep last night. Still taking the perc as I need it, but I think that will be lessening soon. I go back to the doc’s for my first follow up on Friday – if all goes well, I’ll be getting those staples out, and that should help too.

Bad news? The stuff they *don’t* tell you about. LOL.  Like the irony in realizing I can no longer bend down to get a can of Coke from the bottom shelf of the fridge. Or pick up a gallon of milk. Or change Lucy’s diaper.  (And she turns 3 today, of all things…but I think we’ll be doing the celebrating next weekend.) Or like the way all those pain killers massively constipate the crap out of you. (Or maybe that’s the other way around?)  In either case, I’m totally bloated. I’ve stopped weighing myself, because even after 3 days of hardly eating anything, my weight seems to fluctuate about 7 pounds every two hours – think most of it is water retention and swelling though.

*TMI alert*

Oh, and those lovely IV antibiotics they pumped me full of during the operation has left me with a not-so-lovely yeast beast. Because, God knows, I don’t have *ENOUGH* crap to deal with. I mean, Jesus – is it too much to ask to just have *one* thing go right?  LOL.

So now I’m living on stool softeners and pro-biotic something or others, trying to get the “good” bacteria back into place, while my belly roils against the indignities of it all.

But overall? It’s a good thing.  I no longer have any pain going into my legs at all.  The doc said he removed about a thumb-sized piece of disc from my spine and that it had been there a while. Which makes me wonder just how long that is. I know it cracked almost 2 years ago, but it will be interesting to see if anything else lets up now – like the IC or the VV, since all those nerves are so deeply entwined.

Here’s hoping, anyway. 🙂

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