Just Call Me Staples McGee…

You know.  In case you really *didn’t* believe me.

Last post on this, I promise.  🙂

Yes. It hurts as bad as it looks.

Maybe I should make it something artsy.  Call it “Shutting the Window to My Soul” or some such crap.  “Inverse Bellybutton”?

And I am glad I didn’t get the tattoo earlier…but when this is done, I think I might, just to cover up the scar a bit. Maybe a butterfly or something…

Edited to add: Yes – I am a freak.  Remember that crazy show Aeon Flux?  The cartoon, not the crappy movie.  Right.  The weird one.  LOL.  Remember that one episode where the chick gets that hole blown in her back?  No?  Well, I just knew I had something in common.  Guess all I need is a 13 inch waist and a corset…

…and yeah – they make you watch commercials. Boo!

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