Mace WTFkery

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I am all about self-defense and the right to do whatever you have to in order to keep yourself safe. That being said, I really do have to question the wisdom of carrying a mace dispenser that looks like a revolver. Okay – yes, it’s nice that it gives you an LED laser for aiming, though to be honest, I think in most situations where a woman pulls out her mace, she’s probably not thinking along such tactical lines. I guess my main issue with carrying anything gun-shaped is that it probably has the potential to escalate an ugly situation into something much worse – particularly if there is a police officer involved. And having a pink gun isn’t necessarily going to be enough to get you out of the situation – there are plenty of real guns that are pink. Yes, a good cop should be able to assess… Read more

Packing in Pink

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Look! Gun accessories for girls! Yeah. I think I’m going to have to do this for my Glock. (Although honestly I think I like the pink shooting glasses the best.) All it needs is a Hello Kitty decal on it. Edited to add: And for those of you who absolutely need the best – check out the Hello Kitty Chain Gun!… Read more

Guns are bad! No wait, can mr myn be my bodyguard???!

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see more pwn and owned pictures Just a mini rant here. As most of you know, mr myn is a police officer. He likes guns. I like guns. I own a gun. We own many guns. I have a concealed carry permit. Whee. And no – I’m not getting into a discussion about gun control. It’s an unwinnable argument. You can believe what you want and I can believe what I want and never the twain shall meet and all that. However, you know what cracks me up? People who go on and on about how guns are bad and they’d never own a gun, or look on people who own them as some kind of social lepers, but then ask if mr myn can come and “take care” of an issue for them. “Hey, your husband’s a cop, right? My ex-bf is coming to this thing I’m at and… Read more