Word Whore Thursday: Where I Want To Live

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Over at Word-Whores for my weekly blog post – this time on where I want to move back to. (Yes, that would be the beach.) Otherwise things have been fairly quiet. I’ve been out doing some test driving of cars (going to test a Jeep today). I don’t want to make any snap decisions, but I must admit I really hate to car shop – although last night was fairly amusing. We had to take the kids with us, and I don’t know WHY it is, but whenever I tell them “Hey, you guys need to be quiet and while we do this,” it’s like I hit an internal switch that makes them act as obnoxious as possible. If it wasn’t Connor chattering away at the sales guy about his Transformers game on his DS, it was Lucy. Telling him all about how she had to pee. But she was… Read more

Head Asplode

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There are times when I wonder if the reason our kids are so cute is so that parents don’t eat them. And actually, mine aren’t usually that bad – typical kid stuff, pushing boundaries, that sort of thing. But when mama is sick and doing kid duty alone, let me just say it can push my patience to the limit. For the most part, Connor is fairly self-sufficient – he requires minimal prodding to get something done. Definitely lower maintenance these days. (Sometimes that’s sad to me, because I know time is slipping away.) Of course, he’s nearly 8…and nearly as tall as I am – which is another thing all together…since I’m 5’6′. >_< But Lucy is another story. She’s only 4 and 1/2 and in that in between stage of wanting to be more independent and still be mama’s little girl. So, around bedtime, she suddenly “needs help” getting dressed… Read more

Working on It

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So to speak. I’m getting a little tired of constantly reporting on the negatives. Intentions being what they are, I had so many plans for catching up on the writing this weekend. And I did, a little. Still have a little more to do today to finish my daily wordcount. (Though right now I’m horrendously distracted by the premiere of A Game of Thrones on HBO. Right. This. Minute. *ahem* Hellllooo creepy blue eyed dead girl.) Alas, poor Lucy is still not well. Her fever actually spiked close to 105 last night (about 3 or 4 in the morning). Some Motrin brought it back down, but it was a long couple of hours. And considering I’d gone to bed at 2 AM, well, let’s just say intentions are great, but little sleep makes for a cranky author. At any rate, Lucy’s also picked up a hell of a hacking cough,… Read more


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The princess turns four today. I’m not doing a whole lot for her tonight – she already had a massive party at House of Bounce on Saturday, plus a separate family party on Sunday. (And yes, I not only fell off the Weight Watchers wagon – I dove head-first into an orgy of cake and pizza and Twizzlers and didn’t emerge until…um. Yesterday. *sigh*) I did buy her cupcakes to take into her class this morning, but I eschewed the goody-bag phenomenon on Saturday. It’s something I never really understood. When I was growing up, I seem to remember pretty low key birthday parties at home  – spaghetti lunches and pin the tail on the donkey. Maybe ten kids. Homemade carrot cake for dessert. Running around outside. Water balloon fights. Looking for toads in the garden. Undoubtedly I’m using some pretty thick rose-colored glasses here. These days it’s all about… Read more

On a Completely Random Note…

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…Lucy is now tweeting. Or really, she says weird crap and I will tweet it under the account name @LucyIsTweeting She’s a funny little kid. Sometimes gross. Feel free to follow, or not. For obvious reasons, she won’t be following anyone back.… Read more