Word Whore Thursday: Where I Want To Live

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Over at Word-Whores for my weekly blog post – this time on where I want to move back to. (Yes, that would be the beach.) Otherwise things have been fairly quiet. I’ve been out doing some test driving of cars (going to test a Jeep today). I don’t want to make any snap decisions, but I must admit I really hate to car shop – although last night was fairly amusing. We had to take the kids with us, and I don’t know WHY it is, but whenever I tell them “Hey, you guys need to be quiet and while we do this,” it’s like I hit an internal switch that makes them act as obnoxious as possible. If it wasn’t Connor chattering away at the sales guy about his Transformers game on his DS, it was Lucy. Telling him all about how she had to pee. But she was… Read more