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We Can Rebuild Her…

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To be honest, I never really watched the show.  I vaguely remember seeing it on TV once in a while (along with The Six Million Dollar Man), but aside from the killer sound effect, coupled with the slow-mo, I don’t remember that much about it. Funny how moving everything slower somehow made it look more impressive on TV. When I hobble into the bathroom every morning because I can’t stand straight it doesn’t seem nearly as cool. Anyway, I ended up spending several hours waiting around the doctor’s office yesterday – everything was backed up since the snow the day before played havoc on people’s appointments. But  eventually I got back there and chatted with the neurologist. It sounds simple, but I’ve got one of those back issues that isn’t. And more importantly, there isn’t just one way to treat it. So I’ve got all these opinions from various health people… Read more

Word-Whore ~ Fox and Willow Thursday

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It’s been one of those surreal sorts of weeks where everything has devolved into utter chaos. So I’m going to whine. Lucky you. Lucy’s hacking away at night with this lousy cough making sleep hard to come by. Connor took a digger playing basketball and torqued his knee. (I’m just waiting for the phone call from school telling me to come get him – I did the ice and ibuprofen thing this morning, but it was pretty stiff. I kinda doubt he’ll be playing in his game tonight, which sucks – but we’ll still go and support the team.) And my joints just hurt all over today for no apparent reason. (Though I did somehow manage to crack a knuckle and maybe mess up a ligament in my hand. Burns like hell every time I try to twist open something. Meh. Body is falling apart. And I know I’m stressing… Read more

Off to See the Wizard. And the Mermaid. And the Mouse.

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So I’m off for a few days of glorious family vacation at Disney World (with a side trip to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, yo.)  At the moment I’m finishing up the last of my packing and all those little things that need doing. Getting ready to go on vacation is sort of exhausting in its own way,  but hopefully the payoff will be good. I try to go dark on these occasions  so obviously I won’t be blogging much. (Though I’ve already written Thursday’s Word Whores post – this week is all about the seven deadly writer sins. Seeing that Thursday is Valentine’s Day, I chose to write about lust. *brow waggle*) Unfortunately, I was hoping to have a bit of a V-Day surprise for you guys all ready to go, but it’s not done. I *will* get it done and posted, though. Promise. (And it’s Phin-centric, surprisingly, so there… Read more

Word Whore ~ Fox and Willow Thursday

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I’ve been slacking off on the daily blogging again, for which I apologize – but it’s just been about lack of time more than anything else. Writing is happening, projects are moving along – I’ll be scarce next week since I’m heading out of town for a little family vacation and I tend to like to unplug as completely as I can for stuff like that.  Plus, hey – it’s Disney World and Harry Potter – and I need all my attention on that. 😀 In the meantime, today has it’s usual F&W update, so check that out. Also, today on Word Whores I talked a bit about collaboration and some of the good and bad things I’ve gone through. I’ve always skirted around talking about one particularly bad experience, and I don’t think I’ll ever go into massive specifics about it, but it’s enough to know that I have… Read more

Word Whore ~ Fox and Willow Thursday

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The theme this week on Word Whores is about taking sick days from writing – eg. if you’re sick, do you still try to make  your word count that day? Or is it a lost cause that better serves you by taking the time off and resting? I suspect there’s no right or wrong answer here – it’s really down to the individual and the situation. That said, I’m definitely not a fan of beating myself up over not being able to get something done because my head’s on fire. No sense in playing a martyr – it becomes tiresome after a while, so I usually try to just make a decision and stick with it. Makes the guilt that much easier to deal with if I’m not going to get a word count in that day. New Fox & Willow up today too, so go check that out.  🙂… Read more