Monday Evening Updates

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So we missed the epic snow here in Northern Virginia for some reason yesterday. (Fine with me honestly – it’s been plenty chilly here with the wind as it is. I’m just as happy to avoid slogging through two feet of snow if I don’t have to.) I didn’t blog yesterday either, mostly because I was feeling lazy and the idea of slumming around in my monkey pjs was a lot nicer than doing anything in front of the computer. Plus I had family in town and the kids were in their post-Christmas funk. (I’m soooo borrred. There’s NOTHING to doooooo…) But I’m back to the grind today. Working from home all this week (which means hanging in my monkey pjs in front of the keyboard after all.), but I’m trying to catch up on all those interview questions which are due very shortly. I’ll be doing the guest blog… Read more

Snap. Crackle. Pop.

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My left knee has started to crack when I go up and down stairs. It’s very annoying. Typical of my body, maybe, but it’s a new thing, and I dislike it intensely. Not that I haven’t always had popping joints. When I was two I dropped a massive glass piggy bank (full) on my left front toe. Pretty sure I broke it – and it’s cracked ever since. My right knee has been a nightmare since I hyper-extended it in high school. My knuckles. My wrist. My spine? *laughs* It’s like a symphony of sound every time I move, from my shoulders to my tail bone. I actually have one of those giant styrofoam tubes at home. I just arch my lower back over it and roll and pretty much everything pops. Kinda nasty, really. But there’s something about that release of pressure which is very nice, even if it doesn’t last. (And… Read more


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My Blu-ray copy of Beauty and the Beast showed up in the mail yesterday .We actually already own a copy of the DVD, but it’s several years old, wasn’t in widescreen and tended to appear pretty pixelated on the newer tv. So…Blu-ray it was. It has been probably been at least ten years or more since I really saw it, and it’s actually a little bittersweet to watch it now. Lots of memories dredged up there, for myriad reasons – high school stuff, Germany stuff (I had bought the soundtrack and listened to it quite a bit during a trip to Europe), taking my mother to the theatre to see it, etc. Even though the computer animation in parts is looking a bit dated, it’s still rather stunning, especially in Hi-Def. And really, animation aside, it’s all about the story…and that’s held up rather well, especially given how old a… Read more

Random WTF

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I don’t know who this guy is, but he is awesome. In fact, I may just need to write him into my sequel as a cameo. Bonus points for the sword *and* the violin case. Scottish Mobster Faery, indeed.… Read more

Unicorn vs. Dolph Lundgren

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Kind of busy today, so here’s the best I could come with for a blog post. Kinda WTF, but pretty funny for all that. Dolph appears to be slumming a bit.  😉 Deny Allow… Read more