Monday Evening Updates

So we missed the epic snow here in Northern Virginia for some reason yesterday. (Fine with me honestly – it’s been plenty chilly here with the wind as it is. I’m just as happy to avoid slogging through two feet of snow if I don’t have to.)

I didn’t blog yesterday either, mostly because I was feeling lazy and the idea of slumming around in my monkey pjs was a lot nicer than doing anything in front of the computer. Plus I had family in town and the kids were in their post-Christmas funk. (I’m soooo borrred. There’s NOTHING to doooooo…)

But I’m back to the grind today. Working from home all this week (which means hanging in my monkey pjs in front of the keyboard after all.), but I’m trying to catch up on all those interview questions which are due very shortly. I’ll be doing the guest blog posts after that, but for some reason, the questions seem like an easier thing to tackle first, so that’s what I’m doing.

I’ve also spent some time designing the new Word-Whores site, which will go live on Saturday, yay! It’s a fairly simple design, but I think it works fine. It’s probably going to be a work-in-progress for the next few months as I continue to tweak, but it’s nearly ready to go.

On a fun note, reviews of BoD are starting to trickle in here and there and so far they’ve been wonderfully positive. (And hey, release date in a MONTH, yo!)  Although, I will mention that the Harriet Klausner review is really, really wrong. HK is the number 1 reviewer on Amazon, simply because of all the books she reviews. However, there’s very little chance she actually read my book, as the first paragraph of the review talks about things that didn’t actually happen. (No, Abby’s mother was NOT a TouchStone. And Moira couldn’t have told Abby anything in the beginning of the book. Because she’s missing. *ahem*) I’d say something, but I’m not sure there’s much point. People will hopefully read the book and judge it on its own merits anyway.

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