HOA Hell

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So, we got dinged by our HOA this week. 1) You can see our trash cans from the street. They’re at the top of our driveway. Right outside the garage. Where they’ve been for about…oh, that’s right. Five Freaking YEARS. Never mind that yeah, we probably should have been keeping the cans in the garage this whole time. In fact, since we moved here, just about everyone else on the cul-de-sac started keeping their trash cans by their garage too. Trend setters, that’s us. Though really what it comes down to is I don’t like keeping trash cans inside my house. At all. Not even my garage. Suppose we’ll have to now, though. Funny thing is, we got dinged about the same thing almost four years ago. Just a nasty gram in the mail about it. And then…nothing. 2) We have weeds in our front garden. I’ll admit we sorta… Read more


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The princess turns four today. I’m not doing a whole lot for her tonight – she already had a massive party at House of Bounce on Saturday, plus a separate family party on Sunday. (And yes, I not only fell off the Weight Watchers wagon – I dove head-first into an orgy of cake and pizza and Twizzlers and didn’t emerge until…um. Yesterday. *sigh*) I did buy her cupcakes to take into her class this morning, but I eschewed the goody-bag phenomenon on Saturday. It’s something I never really understood. When I was growing up, I seem to remember pretty low key birthday parties at home  – spaghetti lunches and pin the tail on the donkey. Maybe ten kids. Homemade carrot cake for dessert. Running around outside. Water balloon fights. Looking for toads in the garden. Undoubtedly I’m using some pretty thick rose-colored glasses here. These days it’s all about… Read more

Dusty Memories

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It’s been a crazy weekend so far. I’m trying to get my stuff together for Nationals (and of course the suitcase I bought won’t actually get here until Monday…nothing like packing last minute, eh?) I’m trying to start sorting through my copy edits. I’m trying to rewrite the beginning of Book 2 to fit the way I ended Book 1. And, I’m trying to clean. Like really, really. I had a huge shit-fit about it last weekend (before off-roading), because as much of a slob as I am, even I have limits. And I have reached them. At any rate, I’m hitting as much of it as I can before I go – there’s a lot of removal going on. Piles of clothes and toys and books for donation…just stuff, I guess. Mr myn and I are both packrats to a pretty large extreme, but as I told him last… Read more

The Irony of Success

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You know, this week has been a bit of a blur. I’m ass-deep in edits again, which is fine, and then I had the added bonus of finding out my book is on Amazon. Which is brilliant. And terribly scary. My dad bought 10 copies. His girlfriend bought 5. My mother-in-law bought 6. Many of my co-workers pre-ordered, as did some my lovely P&T members, and some of my fellow David Garrett fangirl friends.  And this is pretty damn awesome. But I can’t help but worry now if people will like it or not. And it’s not that I’ll mind if they don’t – after all, you can’t please everyone, and I doubt everyone’s taste is similiar. It’s more a sense of expectation, I think. Getting published is like this golden bell hanging in the sky. People think it’s hard to get published (and it is), so when you do manage… Read more

The Good Wife

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I was chatting with a friend the other night, and she asked if mr myn was fully supportive of my writing. Turns out she wasn’t feeling like she was getting the support she needed at home.And I thought about it for a while and then I asked him. At which point he shrugged and said “sure.” On the surface such a response may not mean much, but I have to qualify it. 1) Writing is intensely personal. And it can be hard to do. Some days the words just flow, but other days it can literally be like pulling teeth when a scene just isn’t working, or characters aren’t cooperating. He’s always given me the time to write when I needed it – and rarely says anything against it. 2) He’s never said anything disparaging about me “wasting my time.” I have to say, I have talked to a number of unfortunate… Read more