Dusty Memories

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It’s been a crazy weekend so far. I’m trying to get my stuff together for Nationals (and of course the suitcase I bought won’t actually get here until Monday…nothing like packing last minute, eh?) I’m trying to start sorting through my copy edits. I’m trying to rewrite the beginning of Book 2 to fit the way I ended Book 1. And, I’m trying to clean. Like really, really. I had a huge shit-fit about it last weekend (before off-roading), because as much of a slob as I am, even I have limits. And I have reached them. At any rate, I’m hitting as much of it as I can before I go – there’s a lot of removal going on. Piles of clothes and toys and books for donation…just stuff, I guess. Mr myn and I are both packrats to a pretty large extreme, but as I told him last… Read more