HOA Hell

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So, we got dinged by our HOA this week. 1) You can see our trash cans from the street. They’re at the top of our driveway. Right outside the garage. Where they’ve been for about…oh, that’s right. Five Freaking YEARS. Never mind that yeah, we probably should have been keeping the cans in the garage this whole time. In fact, since we moved here, just about everyone else on the cul-de-sac started keeping their trash cans by their garage too. Trend setters, that’s us. Though really what it comes down to is I don’t like keeping trash cans inside my house. At all. Not even my garage. Suppose we’ll have to now, though. Funny thing is, we got dinged about the same thing almost four years ago. Just a nasty gram in the mail about it. And then…nothing. 2) We have weeds in our front garden. I’ll admit we sorta… Read more