Thrill Me With Your Acumen

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I’ll admit I’m not much of a reviewer. Not of books or music or movies, or really anything else. Not because I don’t have an opinion, but I can’t be bothered to make the effort. (I probably should, particularly on GoodReads, but that’s another story.)  If a reviewer likes or dislikes something, I want to know why. What was it that struck him or her as good, or great, or just plain terrible? I understand that things can’t always be explained. Sometimes things just don’t resonate for whatever reason, and that’s fine too. One can simply say, “I didn’t like it.”  But being a reviewer doesn’t give you the right to bash. Personal blogs may be a different matter, but if I read a review on a “professional” site, then I really to expect that review to have at least a modicum of decorum. Which brings me to the crux… Read more

FanGirl, Par Excellence

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I have tickets. Or more to the point, I have *a* ticket. I also have a Meet & Greet backstage pass for after the show. It was flipping expensive. So yes, yours truly may now go and make a complete ass out of herself next February when David Garrett comes back through the DC area.  (Where upon I can shove my book in his face and say “See! See! I am awesome too! Call me and we can hang out and be awesome together. Hanging out.”)  Ha, ha. Just kidding. (Well, I might give him a copy of my book anyway, though I doubt he’ll read it. It will probably be left behind back stage, and I’ll never know. Although I’ve heard he sends most of his fan stuff back home to his mom.. Hope she’s not offended by daemon smut.) I’ve been told I must wear my Steampunk hat.… Read more

Releasing my Inner Fangirl

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*facepalms* Yeah, okay, I gave into the dark side and started a Tumblr blog. Here. It has a naughty url and title. But at least this way I can keep it all contained to one area, right?** ** Yes, I am aware I need professional help. No, no one asked you for your opinion.… Read more

Off-Roading? Not So Much.

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I’ll write more about my trip later. Suffice it to say, hard-core off-roading is NEVER going to be my thing. Hiking? Sure. Horseback riding? You bet. Pitting myself in a contest of man vs. nature in a metal box grinding its way up a creek of boulders that were quite obviously put there for a reason by God? No. Plus it was like 90 degrees and no AC. And two cranky, hot kids in the back. For over 8 hours. Oh look. Here’s David Garrett. He’s got Jack Sparrow pirate eye-liner on.Think I’ll stare at him for a while. Yes. This is clearly what I was meant to do today.… Read more

Because It’s After Midnight…

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…and I’ve only got 20 pages of edits left to go. And hot damn, but this guy is full of teh pretty. Yeah, okay. I’m a fangirl. So what? New album and DVD out next month, yo!… Read more