Midnight Man Candy

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Just because it’s been one of those days.… Read more

The Problem with Perky

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I am not Perky. I don’t think I’ve ever been perky. Or if I have it’s only in small doses. And then it wears off and I’m back to my grumpy self. I don’t think I really trust perky people. I mean, is it really possibly to be that happy all the time? Maybe it is. However, I’m beginning to wonder if it’s really all about the hair.  Case in point, the doc I saw the other day had short and perky hair. And she was a very perky person. Said I was “just the sweetest thing,” while we were talking, in this perfect little Southern drawl. And seeing that I was there for my annual exam, being that perky was a very nice trick indeed. Anyway, I went to the hairdresser today. You can see exhibit A there up top, courtesy of my self-held camera. (I had to tuck… Read more

Le Sigh.

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Yeah. Okay. I’m posting another picture. Sue me. (And I promise by Thursday, I’ll stop. Really. I can do that any time I want.) Annnnyyyway. Where was I? Oh yeah. It’s Tuesday, and aside from the fact that I think this latest round of spinal injections seems to be working, there’s not really a whole lot else going on. Although, yesterday  I was asked by another writer if I would join a new group blog she was starting up. It sounded like fun – and I do like the sense of community you can get from being part of a close-knit group. But in the end, I had to tell her no. At least for right now. I could maybe do the occasional guest post here and there, but that’s about it. And it’s not that I’m not interested. I am. But I have no more time to commit to anything else.… Read more

Man Candy Monday

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There seems to be a dearth of shirtless images of Mr. Garrett. Someone *really* ought to remedy this. Pronto.… Read more

Halfway to Hotness

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Ah yes. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? So, being that we’re halfway through the month and thus halfway until the day I get to see DG in concert again, I figured it was time to throw up another picture and squee like a silly fangirl. Indeed. So there we go. I like this picture because it doesn’t appear too staged, even though it’s a few years old. And actually, I was hoping to throw up some footage from the 45th Golden Camera awards, but I seem to have misplaced the link. He’s sporting some sort of Asian-fusion meets Legolas hair thing that I’m not entirely sure I like, but it’s still fun to watch. Alas, there were no meet and greet tickets to be had for the Strathmore concert, so I’ll have to live vicariously through Heather and DoveLily, since the lucky ducks managed to swing it at their… Read more