Off-Roading? Not So Much.

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I’ll write more about my trip later. Suffice it to say, hard-core off-roading is NEVER going to be my thing. Hiking? Sure. Horseback riding? You bet. Pitting myself in a contest of man vs. nature in a metal box grinding its way up a creek of boulders that were quite obviously put there for a reason by God? No. Plus it was like 90 degrees and no AC. And two cranky, hot kids in the back. For over 8 hours. Oh look. Here’s David Garrett. He’s got Jack Sparrow pirate eye-liner on.Think I’ll stare at him for a while. Yes. This is clearly what I was meant to do today.… Read more

Because It’s After Midnight…

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…and I’ve only got 20 pages of edits left to go. And hot damn, but this guy is full of teh pretty. Yeah, okay. I’m a fangirl. So what? New album and DVD out next month, yo!… Read more

Midnight Man Candy

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Just because it’s been one of those days.… Read more

Who’s Up for Doing the Dishes?

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Yeah, that’s about what I thought. Thanks to everyone and sorry about yesterday. I don’t usually linger around the dark spots of my life, but when I fall, I fall pretty hard. ūüôā… Read more


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No. I don’t know who he is. I don’t really care right now. Yes, I should be editing. I don’t think I care about that either.… Read more