FanGirl, Par Excellence

I have tickets.

Or more to the point, I have *a* ticket. I also have a Meet & Greet backstage pass for after the show. It was flipping expensive.

So yes, yours truly may now go and make a complete ass out of herself next February when David Garrett comes back through the DC area.  (Where upon I can shove my book in his face and say “See! See! I am awesome too! Call me and we can hang out and be awesome together. Hanging out.”) 

Ha, ha. Just kidding.

(Well, I might give him a copy of my book anyway, though I doubt he’ll read it. It will probably be left behind back stage, and I’ll never know. Although I’ve heard he sends most of his fan stuff back home to his mom.. Hope she’s not offended by daemon smut.)

I’ve been told I must wear my Steampunk hat.

I just might.

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