Changing of the Guard

Ladies and Gents, I figured that I’d just get the word out that I am now represented by the Agent of Awesomesauce known as Suzie Townsend! **

As most of you are probably aware, Colleen Lindsay is stepping away from the agent world and is moving on to bigger and better things at Penguin. And I just want to say how grateful I am that I was her client for even a short while – she got me my deal at Pocket and that’s a Very. Good. Thing. I wish her the best of luck with her future endeavors.

I’m very much looking forward to cooking up new sorts of mischief with Suzie (perhaps my new YA wip will be one of her babies in the near future? I can only hope.)

** Figured I’d just post it here since I got slammed with a ton of concerned emails this morning. Yes, all is still quite right with the world. You all totally rock. 🙂

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