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A Room At A Time

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I’m not sure why home improvement projects always end up becoming larger than than their projected scope.  Though it’s always a bit of a risk whenever you start pulling up the floor or knocking out a wall. Probably true about a lot of things really – surfaces hide a lot of issues and flaws, sometimes. While we are waiting for our shower to be rebuilt (next week, yay!) we went ahead and decided to redo the kids bathroom. And by we, I really mean the DH, who has managed to turn into quite the handy man.  (He’s even talking about building the kids loft beds now, but first things first.) We’re lucky though – his friend has a wet saw and a blow torch, which has made some things a bit easier.  But of course, nothing happens without a few bumps and no matter how much time we think it’s… Read more

Monday, Monday

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I’m working from home today, awaiting a vanity. Back in March and April the DH attempted to redo our bathroom himself…and actually did a fabulous job. We were all set to start working on the other bathrooms over the summer. Until the great shower debacle set things back. No, my shower still isn’t fixed. Yes, we’re going to hire a professional to do it. No, we’re not afraid of tackling a larger project…but time is becoming a bit of a factor, and essentially we’re going to have to rebuild the entire thing from scratch (walls, shower pan, new door, etc.), so we’re just going to toss some money at a professional. We’re still going to at least redo the kids bathroom ourselves though, hence me waiting for the vanity today. (“We’ll deliver it sometime between midnight and fuck up your whole day, ha ha!”) In the meantime, I’m trying to… Read more

Monday Updates

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Post Mother’s Day Monday? IDK. For a fairly uneventful weekend, I spent an awful lot of time putting Avenger Lego sets together.  I’m not actually complaining, mind. I love building Legos, and my inner nerd quivers at all these lovely little characters. Lego Loki? Mmmph. But low-key days are good and it’s been a while since I’ve just let a day slip by without fussing at myself to get anything specific done. Paying for that a little bit now, but that’s okay.  The contractor came today and the good news it that after gutting the shower it looks as though there’s no structural damage behind the wall like we feared. We’re waiting on an estimate to rebuild/retile everything, though we may just go ahead and do it ourselves if the cost ends up being too high. (I’m sorta leaning toward letting the contractor do it this time around, just for the… Read more