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In My Basement, No One Can Hear You Scream

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There’s a scene in Aliens (one of my favorite movies  ever, btw) where Ripley heads down to the substation area to rescue Newt. She comes across the Alien Queen and there appears to be this little  head game going on where the Queen seems to allow Ripley to take the girl. (After Ripley displays the might of her flame-thrower/M41-A Pulse Rifle.) The Queen waves off her little workers and Ripley starts backing away. Except right before they leave, one of the Face-hugger eggs opens up. And Ripley gives the Queen this “Oh, hell no” look and then sets fire to the whole place. Hilarity ensues. (Honestly, I’ve been scouring you-tube for that clip and I can’t very many clips from the movie, alas.) My point being? If I had a flame-thrower, I’d set fire to my house and walk away. Let’s take a look at the events of this week,… Read more

A Room At A Time

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I’m not sure why home improvement projects always end up becoming larger than than their projected scope.  Though it’s always a bit of a risk whenever you start pulling up the floor or knocking out a wall. Probably true about a lot of things really – surfaces hide a lot of issues and flaws, sometimes. While we are waiting for our shower to be rebuilt (next week, yay!) we went ahead and decided to redo the kids bathroom. And by we, I really mean the DH, who has managed to turn into quite the handy man.  (He’s even talking about building the kids loft beds now, but first things first.) We’re lucky though – his friend has a wet saw and a blow torch, which has made some things a bit easier.  But of course, nothing happens without a few bumps and no matter how much time we think it’s… Read more