Monday Updates

Post Mother’s Day Monday? IDK. For a fairly uneventful weekend, I spent an awful lot of time putting Avenger Lego sets together.  I’m not actually complaining, mind. I love building Legos, and my inner nerd quivers at all these lovely little characters. Lego Loki? Mmmph.

But low-key days are good and it’s been a while since I’ve just let a day slip by without fussing at myself to get anything specific done.

Paying for that a little bit now, but that’s okay.  The contractor came today and the good news it that after gutting the shower it looks as though there’s no structural damage behind the wall like we feared. We’re waiting on an estimate to rebuild/retile everything, though we may just go ahead and do it ourselves if the cost ends up being too high. (I’m sorta leaning toward letting the contractor do it this time around, just for the sake of time. I *really* want my bathroom back.

In the meantime, a new page of Fox & Willow is up today – we’ve also created a few website badges if anyone wants to help us promote the story. 🙂 Feel free to grab either one and just link to here.  (Looks like the same page as the first link, but it actually takes you to the latest page, whatever that is. First link only takes you to page five.)







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