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Judge This

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Somehow in the hub-bub of the release madness and upcoming revisions and blog-tour-o-rama…I signed up to be a judge for an upcoming writing contest. It’s actually been a while for me, but the standard stuff still applies. Most RWA sorts of contests give you a sheet of points you’re supposed to look for.  And these entries are the first 5 pages only, so for a time constraint that shouldn’t be too bad, though somehow I ended up with 8 of them…in the Contemporary Romance category.  Not that I tend to read contemporary anything for fun, but for contests it’s fine – good writing is good writing, no matter what genre it’s in. Each contest is different of course – usually judges are looking for the basic things like grammar and sentence structure, but then there’s often a series of specific items – Hooks, Voice, Plot. (Sometimes it’s *really* specific –… Read more

Word Whore Thursday

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Which is all about bacon. *ahem* Otherwise, I’m at a few other places today: 1) Pocket After Dark – co-interview between me and Jennifer Estep! Go check it out for a chance to win a signed copy of one of our books! 2) Guest post and giveaway at Grave Tells! I feel like I’m forgetting something….but I’ll update if I can remember what it is. At the moment I’m a bit turned around, but I suppose that’s nothing new. Otherwise, I’m just moving along and doing my thing, whatever that is. 🙂  … Read more

Monday Morning Updates

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Such as they are. Quick note to say I’m guest blogging over at PJ Schnyder’s author site today to talk a bit about NaNoWriMo. (Ironic since I’m not participating this year, but I *have* won in past years, so I know the scoop.) Also, even though I’m still waiting on the cover, I’ve gone ahead and thrown up a page about A Sliver of Shadow, so if you’re interested in finding out a little more about that, you can see it here. (Once I get permission, I’ll put up a full chapter excerpt.) All the galleys for A Sliver of Shadow are now out, but if you didn’t get one, please drop me an email and I’ll send your information to my publicist and she’ll put you on the list. If we get any rotated back in, we’ll send them out.… Read more

Swag the Dog

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Okay – only a few weeks left until convention season starts, but I wanted to show off one of the new items I’ll be handing out (starting at Romantic Times): Brush of Darkness trading cards! Apparently these are the new cool things to have, and I had a custom set of four designed by the marvelous Darchala last week. 🙂 I’m still working on the backs, which should include names and quotes and all that fun stuff, but hopefully I’ll have them off to the printer this week. (Got a favorite character quote? Let me know!) The cards are small – only 2.5. x 3.5 inches, so we wanted to keep the designs simple. Portraits seemed like the thing to do – and obviously we’ve got Abby, Ion, Phin and Melanie to start. I’ll add to these as I can, but I have to order them in sets of 500… Read more

The “Lost” Brush of Darkness Scene

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Well, it’s not *really* a lost scene – more of an easter egg, I guess. For my guest post over at Tynga’s site today, I was asked to write up a discussion/dialog between Abby and Ion about sex in literature. Forgetting for a moment that Ion is an incubus and probably has a lot to say on the matter, I don’t always do very well with the forced discussion type posts, so for my purposes I thought short one-shot seemed like a better deal. (And given that Abby works in a used bookstore, the setting seemed pretty obvious.) Of course, Phineas does show up…and drives the conversation straight down into the gutter, but what else would you expect? As far as the story goes, it’s not technically canon for A Brush of Darkness, but I can certainly see it happening if circumstances were a little different. So stop on by… Read more