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Be Still My Dreaming Heart Giveaway

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Hey, so in a nice bit of happenstance, today is the 10th anniversary of the publication of A Brush of Darkness! (I know, I know – it’s crazy to think it’s been that long – this year in particular has been downright glacial.) BoD was my first real foray into writing with the intent of publication. It started out life as a PNR, won a few romance contests, which led to an offer of publication, which led to an agent, which led to a bigger offer of publication…it was fast and crazy and I was so grateful for the support I got from so many writer friends at the time. (And so many fans as well – everything from art to jewelry to Hello Kitty shout-outs – it really was so amazing.) There’s always something special about the memories of that first book – subsequent releases are still fun, but… Read more

Cover Shenanigans

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I was actually all ready to write up a post today about how writers are an awful lot like hedgehogs. With pictures. Alas, Tumbleweed is being rather uncooperative for the camera, so that’s going to have to wait for another day. But that doesn’t matter, because last night this lovely image was posted! And I love it! (I supplied the fishnets, in fact – you can read more about it here.) In truth though, it feels very full circle to me. I got a lot of shit about this cover when BoD came out. For a debut author, it can be a bit harsh to read comments from readers about how they would never read/buy this book because of the cover. Some people said they would be embarrassed to be seen with it. That’s pretty hard to deal with, particularly because most authors have no control over their covers and… Read more

El Pacto

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For those of you interested, this is the cover for the Spanish version of A Brush of Darkness. (Looks like it’s been renamed to “The Pact”.) But if you click on the pic, you’ll see they put Phin on the cover. 😀 Huzzah! It will be available for sale in October. 🙂… Read more

The “Lost” Brush of Darkness Scene

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Well, it’s not *really* a lost scene – more of an easter egg, I guess. For my guest post over at Tynga’s site today, I was asked to write up a discussion/dialog between Abby and Ion about sex in literature. Forgetting for a moment that Ion is an incubus and probably has a lot to say on the matter, I don’t always do very well with the forced discussion type posts, so for my purposes I thought short one-shot seemed like a better deal. (And given that Abby works in a used bookstore, the setting seemed pretty obvious.) Of course, Phineas does show up…and drives the conversation straight down into the gutter, but what else would you expect? As far as the story goes, it’s not technically canon for A Brush of Darkness, but I can certainly see it happening if circumstances were a little different. So stop on by… Read more

Brush of Darkness Jewelry!

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Special news today, folks – the awesome @psynde of Cemetery Cat Designs has unveiled a new line of jewelry based on A Brush of Darkness! The line is called CrossRoads and KeyStones. (Please note that the store only shows what’s in stock – within 15 minutes of the announcement on Twitter two of the three pieces were sold, but I’m putting the pictures up here anyway, since synde is making more and will take orders as well) <== This is Abby’s necklace, Heart of the Dreaming. (I believe the heart will be larger in the next set) <== This is Melanie’s necklace, Fiddler’s Green <== This is the TouchStone bracelet. I believe there will be different colored stones upon each creation, since each TouchStone bond is different. 🙂 There will be several additions as well, including pieces for Brystion and Phineas, and possibly a few more.    … Read more