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Saturday Ramblings

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Of course, the problem with having such an awesome and incredible week is that you eventually have to come back down to reality. My reality is that wearing heels for eight hours on Tuesday has led back into a massive pain cycle. Whee. Thank the gods for lidocaine patches, is all I can say. Nothing like a little numbing action to take the edge off. It’s still not quite right but at least I don’t want to jump out the window anymore. Ironically, even though it hurt the next few days afterwards, the pain is in a different place than it usually is – so in a sick sort of way it actually felt good, because the normal pain areas were getting a break. If that makes any sense. But by Friday night all bets were off. Today is tolerable and I’ll take that. Can’t get into the doctor’s until… Read more

Word Whore Thursday

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I’m a little late getting my posts up today – my work computer was upgraded and I’ve been on the “install/update/” roller coaster for the last few hours. Still not quite there, but at least I can use it now. At any rate, I’m over at Word Whores today talking about how music is what often feeds my muse, so stop on by if you get the chance. 🙂 I’ve also got an interview over at Mahalia Levey‘s blog today, and yesterday I was over at Alternative Reads talking about what’s on my desk. (In short, it’s a cluttered mess, but thats probably not news to anyone who knows me.) Oh! And Cemetery Cat Designs has released a new bracelet! Ion’s Folly –> (A nice honey colored stone to go with a certain incubus’ eyes. ROWR. LOL)… Read more

Brush of Darkness Jewelry!

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Special news today, folks – the awesome @psynde of Cemetery Cat Designs has unveiled a new line of jewelry based on A Brush of Darkness! The line is called CrossRoads and KeyStones. (Please note that the store only shows what’s in stock – within 15 minutes of the announcement on Twitter two of the three pieces were sold, but I’m putting the pictures up here anyway, since synde is making more and will take orders as well) <== This is Abby’s necklace, Heart of the Dreaming. (I believe the heart will be larger in the next set) <== This is Melanie’s necklace, Fiddler’s Green <== This is the TouchStone bracelet. I believe there will be different colored stones upon each creation, since each TouchStone bond is different. 🙂 There will be several additions as well, including pieces for Brystion and Phineas, and possibly a few more.    … Read more