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FishnetsI was actually all ready to write up a post today about how writers are an awful lot like hedgehogs. With pictures. Alas, Tumbleweed is being rather uncooperative for the camera, so that’s going to have to wait for another day. But that doesn’t matter, because last night this lovely image was posted!

And I love it! (I supplied the fishnets, in fact – you can read more about it here.)

In truth though, it feels very full circle to me. I got a lot of shit about this cover when BoD came out. For a debut author, it can be a bit harsh to read comments from readers about how they would never read/buy this book because of the cover. Some people said they would be embarrassed to be seen with it. That’s pretty hard to deal with, particularly because most authors have no control over their covers and it’s disheartening to be dismissed for something you had nothing to do with – so it’s nice to have some fun with it now.

“But what about the contents?? The pervy unicorn? The incubus? The plucky, snarky heroine? For gods sake, won’t someone think about the bacon???” **


Anyway, Jim Hines has made it a bit of a thing to reshoot covers that display the female form in odd contorting shapes to show how ridiculous they can be- sort of like a real life Hawkeye Initiative. (Which is fabulous, btw – go check it out.) In this case he’s doing it for charity, which makes it even better – so when I saw my title floating about the Twittersphere as a potential choice, I offered to provide the ripped fishnets if it happened.

And so here we are.  🙂


Also, new Fox & Willow up today, so go check that out too! (Now with 35% more fox butts.)


** I may or may not have said these things aloud at one point.

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13 Responses to Cover Shenanigans

  1. Jim C. Hines says:

    I’ve had people tell me they loved my goblin books, but couldn’t read my princess stuff because of the cover. (In my case, I think it’s more the pinks and purples were turning off some of my “manlier” readers.) It definitely stings. I mean, if you’re going to reject my book, at least reject it because you don’t like the stuff I actually wrote!

    FWIW, every review I’ve read raved about the pervy unicorn 🙂

    • allison says:

      That’s it exactly. My books aren’t for everyone – and they shouldn’t be, but yeah. At least judge it on it’s literary merit, or lack thereof. 😉

  2. OMG, that’s hilarious. And people seriously need to get over it. Embarrassed to be seen with it? Right. There are a lot of things in the world I’d be embarrassed to be seen with – your books aren’t on that list.

    • allison says:

      Eh – I’m over it now? It was just a lot harder when I was all brand new. It’s like being judged for what you look like instead of who you are. (If that makes any sense?)

  3. Susan H. says:

    I haven’t read BoD YET, but it’s on my TBR list because I cover caught my attention & I liked the synopsis. Don’t let the haters get to you! I look forward to reading your work. Writers are my rock stars!

  4. ChelleB says:

    I don’t think I’ve seen your book, but the words “pervy unicorn” have perked my interest and I’ve added this to my list of books to look for. I don’t think there’s much wrong with this cover. I once had opportunity to ask a very well known, long time author about her covers as I love them, and she told me she has little to no input, it was publisher’s decision. So knowing this about books, though a cover will draw me to pick one up, it’s the brief read of a few pages that gets me to buy. Jim Hines’ poses just crack me up. LOL

  5. Renee says:

    Lol. Great mock cover and an honor, perhaps?

  6. Leah Weller says:

    I thought this parody was so funny! I’ve seen some of his things before and they cracked me up. As for the covers of your books, I sat here with a “HUH?” look on my face when you said you got a lot of flack over the cover. Maybe I’m just not the norm but I haven’t had an issue with your covers. Like someone said above, they’re haters. You came out with a BANG with your stories, even brought me over into the genre, so let them hate. You know you did good and that’s what matters. 🙂 It takes some pretty shallow people to judge a book by it’s cover (yeah, I went there) instead of picking the thing up and actually moving past something that’s out of the writer’s control.

  7. Bee says:

    An amazing likeness!

    When it comes to books, I’ll admit that I struggle between being a reader and a designer (not that I would ever let a cover that wasn’t to my taste keep me from reading a good book!). But when they come with good design, I’m that much more excited about them! It’s too bad that such a (sadly) important selling point is completely out of the author’s control.

    I’m curious; what kind of cover art do you like? Or would you have on your books if you had the choice? I see you have good taste in headers! 🙂

    • allison says:

      I actually prefer the painted fantasy covers of yore (since that’s what I grew up with) vs the photomanips we see today. I do a lot of photoshopping and whatnot myself, and I have a tendency to pick apart my covers – the last two in particular got a bit overzealous with the clone brush (particularly in the background.) The average person probably will never see that, but it drives me crazy.

      (At one point there was going to be a unicorn picture on the back of SoS that was just horrible – and I kinda went apeshit about it. It was basically a statue of a horse with a nail photoshopped to its head and then flipped to make a shadow (which was pointing the wrong way). And then the *grass* brush was used to make the mane and tail and I was like “The fuck is this? I can go onto Deviant Art and buy a piece of art for a couple hundred bucks that will actually LOOK like a real unicorn.” Needless to say, they switched it out for something else.

      And thanks about the header – Darchala ( does nearly all site artwork and my trading cards – she’s fabulous and worth every penny. 🙂

      • Bee says:

        Amen, sister! Love a good, old-timey fantasy cover. I’ve always subscribed to the school of thought where simplicity is not a four-letter word…if the cover art isn’t adding to the literature, why not keep it classy without grass stamps and clone brushes? A pretty font and that’s it never did any book wrong.

        And I would pay a couple hundred bucks for a real unicorn!

  8. Kendris says:

    Somebody really should have been bitchslapped for that cover, but it definitely wasn’t you. At least the last two looked like the artist might have at least *read* the books.

    And Hines…the guy’s got a sense of humor and a heart; it doesn’t get much cooler than that. I adored the Princess novels, and it was actually the cover of the first that got me to pick it up.

    Right with you on nostalgia for the painted covers of yesteryear…Michael Whelan, anyone? Photoshops *can* look good, and having seen what you and some others can do with a bit of time only makes the halfassery of the above more apparent.

    How about just a picture of a couple of strips of crispy bacon on the cover of the next one?

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