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Cover Shenanigans

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I was actually all ready to write up a post today about how writers are an awful lot like hedgehogs. With pictures. Alas, Tumbleweed is being rather uncooperative for the camera, so that’s going to have to wait for another day. But that doesn’t matter, because last night this lovely image was posted! And I love it! (I supplied the fishnets, in fact – you can read more about it here.) In truth though, it feels very full circle to me. I got a lot of shit about this cover when BoD came out. For a debut author, it can be a bit harsh to read comments from readers about how they would never read/buy this book because of the cover. Some people said they would be embarrassed to be seen with it. That’s pretty hard to deal with, particularly because most authors have no control over their covers and… Read more

Cover Kinship

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So I got a sneak peek at the cover for A Sliver of Shadows yesterday. It’s still in progress so I can’t show it around yet, but I can say that it’s a new model/new artist. It’s got a hazy, Jeaniene Frost cover vibe to it if that helps describe it any. I *can* tell you that Abby’s got her hair up in her bun!  I’ve heard rumors that Phin may make an appearance, so fingers crossed – maybe on the back, maybe on the spine. Actually – a  good deal of Abby’s fashion sense on the new cover looks as though it was lifted off a promo piece I did in Poser several years ago (not promo for BoD, but I had used my characters in it.). New cover has the arm sock on one hand and bracelets on the other, though the color of the sock is different.… Read more