Cover Kinship

So I got a sneak peek at the cover for A Sliver of Shadows yesterday. It’s still in progress so I can’t show it around yet, but I can say that it’s a new model/new artist. It’s got a hazy, Jeaniene Frost cover vibe to it if that helps describe it any.

I *can* tell you that Abby’s got her hair up in her bun!  I’ve heard rumors that Phin may make an appearance, so fingers crossed – maybe on the back, maybe on the spine.

Actually – a  good deal of Abby’s fashion sense on the new cover looks as though it was lifted off a promo piece I did in Poser several years ago (not promo for BoD, but I had used my characters in it.). New cover has the arm sock on one hand and bracelets on the other, though the color of the sock is different. Not that I mind a bit – I’m pretty sure I sent my editor a bunch of the renders as character concepts a while back. If they took my stuff into account, then I consider myself  flattered.

Anyway, I had a friend email me this past week with a link to another author’s set of ebooks on Amazon and oddly enough, one of them had my cover girl from BoD on it. (Actually, all three books used the same model – just different poses).  Unfortunately it does happen, with stock art being what it is, but it was still odd to see her somewhere else.

I’m sorta tempted to buy it in an expression of cover sisterhood, though.

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