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Rough Draft

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For some particular reason I decided to start out each chapter in this new book with a poem of sorts. They’re a bit like twisted nursery rhymes, shaped to the environment of the characters. Of course, I did this for about 10 chapters or so and then decided it was a better use of my time to actually write the book and go back and add them later (which is what I’ll be doing in the next few weeks.) This first one is actually a play on words since two of the other character names are Ghost and Sparrow, so I liked the tie-in. In either case, the rough draft is finished now. It comes in at just over 92k words, but it’s going to get longer when I go back to flesh things out. Pantsting through a fantasy means a lot of the world gets built as I write… Read more


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Just a note to pop in and say that my rough draft is actually finished now. 🙂 *thuds* It’s just over 105k (and I imagine that number will be changing a bit as start the revision process). I’ve got a few weeks to fix up some of the more questionable places and then I’ll be sending it off to the new editor. 🙂 ’bout time, really.… Read more


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The problem with writing the draft of a sequel when you’re also going over the first pass pages of the first book, is that the draft starts looking crappier as you go. Or at least, that’s what I’m finding, anyway. And yes, the rational part of my brain continues to insist that the original draft for BoD wasn’t that great either, but memories have a way of being a bit hazy, especially when the brain is confronted by the finished product. And it’s probably not fair to compare the polished and edited piece of something that’s close to going to print with the sometimes rambly and random sentences that are attempting to make up a solid second story  – one that seems to be changing as I go. But, deadlines are deadlines. I’ve managed to write about 40k in the last few weeks, and I’ve got about 30k left to… Read more