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Done With Drafting

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So to speak. But yes, I finished the rough draft of A Trace of Moonlight at about 2 AM this morning. Odd really, because I’ve been fighting the story so much the last few weeks and last night it was like my head just snapped because it was TIME. Sat down and cranked out 3000k in about 2 hours, which is ridiculous for me. Is it the best prose I’ve ever written? Nope. There is quite a bit of revising to do, and not much time to do it in, but I suppose that’s always par for the course with me. I am going to give myself a day off, though. Too much to get done with Christmas coming anyway, and by the gods I am going to fire up some sort of game and play guilt free tonight if it kills me. In some ways, getting the words on… Read more


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Just a note to pop in and say that my rough draft is actually finished now. 🙂 *thuds* It’s just over 105k (and I imagine that number will be changing a bit as start the revision process). I’ve got a few weeks to fix up some of the more questionable places and then I’ll be sending it off to the new editor. 🙂 ’bout time, really.… Read more