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Rough Draft

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For some particular reason I decided to start out each chapter in this new book with a poem of sorts. They’re a bit like twisted nursery rhymes, shaped to the environment of the characters. Of course, I did this for about 10 chapters or so and then decided it was a better use of my time to actually write the book and go back and add them later (which is what I’ll be doing in the next few weeks.) This first one is actually a play on words since two of the other character names are Ghost and Sparrow, so I liked the tie-in. In either case, the rough draft is finished now. It comes in at just over 92k words, but it’s going to get longer when I go back to flesh things out. Pantsting through a fantasy means a lot of the world gets built as I write… Read more

Word-Whore ~ Fox and Willow Thursday

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Just a quick note to mention I’m over at Word Whores today – this week the theme has been about women writers in Sci-Fi and the “boy’s club”┬ámentality┬áthat continues to be a part of the fandoms. It’s been a really great week so far, full of excellent points and discussion, so it’s definitely worth a read. Fox & Willow also updates today, and on a side note, I finally finished the rough draft for a short story for an upcoming anthology. (Of course it’s 1000 words too long, but that’s what editing and polishing is for. Hopefully I can whittle that down some. Gonna take a few days off of it to get some web design side jobs done and then tackle it again next week. Maybe during travel time for AAD.)… Read more