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Catching Up

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The problem with going away on vacation…is coming back from vacation. And it’s not even that I have all the business type things to do – the emails, the website updates, the grocery shopping, etc. It’s having to come back to reality.  There was something really nice about the basic routine this time around, which essentially was nothing more than getting up early, eating whatever, maybe going for a walk on the beach or wherever, doing nothing until about 2 PM and then heading to the beach until 5 or 6, showering, dinner, drinking (at least as far as the rest of the family went) and maybe another beach walk. Which sounds fairly simplistic, but I was in desperate need of simple. And that’s not to say my “do nothing time” was actually spent doing nothing. It’s more that it was spent NOT working. In fact, I could break down… Read more


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The best time to beach-comb is at dawn. I think nearly everyone probably knows this. Something about the way everything seems so perfectly untouched, with new treasures washing up in each small swell. Or maybe it’s just the potential that is so interesting. The knowledge that you can’t actually collect each seashell as it appears. If you let one slip away, is it lost forever? Or if you wait around a bit will a better one show up? And how long do you wait before continuing on? When I was little, I used to look for beach glass, though that is fairly rare it seems, these days. I also used to find moonshells, though that is nearly almost as rare. I haven’t found one in ages, honestly, and that’s a bit of a shame. Today we mostly looked for oyster shells, but we found the usual sorts of scallops and angel-wings, clams,… Read more