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 I have a hard time letting go of things. Those of you who know me, or who have followed along with the blog know what I’m talking about. Jeffe and I had a conversation about it via IM the other night, in fact, and she mentioned that the Chinese see everything in a cycle of 5: Birth -> Growth -> Maturation -> Decline -> Death. And of course, this concept could apply to anything – ideas, jobs, relationships, whatever. We decided that I had the biggest problem with Decline. Whether or not that’s because I’m afraid of Death, I’m not entirely sure. Though, maybe that’s not right either. But I know I have a tendency to hold on to things. Change can be very painful for me. Better, maybe to just keep strangling the life out of something until I have no choice but to bury it. Not sure what… Read more

The Art of Self-Acceptance

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So I’m finally getting back to the grind today, which is good…but also sort of sad on a number of levels. I spent a lot more time at the beach this past week than I normally do on vacation, simply because it was so hot and the ocean was the only thing that made it bearable at times. (Not that you’d know – I don’t tan, apparently, Irish me.) I had a lot of time to think (as well as people watch.) And as I watched Lucy play in the sand I had to marvel at the careless way she moves. There’s no sucking in of her stomach to make herself look thinner, no wondering if that once piece makes her butt look big. It’s just her and the sand and the waves and the hells take the rest of it. Which is how it should be, obviously. I mean,… Read more

Change of Venue

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Last year when we went strawberry picking, I bought a winged pig made of metal and put it on the front porch. At the time, the writing thing was still a pipe dream. I’d finished my first real draft, I’d pitched (and been rejected), but I was still full of hope. This year, I decided to keep up with the pig theme and bought something called a Sproutlet – which is really just a glorified chia pet for kids. (Or for dorks like me, apparently.) But the theory is that you can cut their “hair” or put it in pony tails or whatever. So last Wednesday I decided to give it a shot and watered it up real nice and put it in my cube. After all, the directions did say something about indirect sunlight, and my place of employment keeps making this stink about how “green” this building is. Alas,… Read more

Upon Reflection

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I had plans for today’s post. Today being *the* day as far as such things can be measured. I’ve actually been working on a render the last few weeks – it’ mostly a private one  – an sort of artistic bleed of my inner turmoil, maybe. And if I get around to finishing, I may end up posting it – but sometimes I’ve found that it sort of cheapens the effect. So we’ll have to see about that.  In either case, my plans were busted when I went to run through another pass of the image that didn’t quite mesh right and *poof*. The Power Supply of my new computer died and tripped the breaker for that side of the house. Which freaked me out a bit, but eventually I figured out what was going on, reset the breaker and then attempted to start up the computer. Only it didn’t.… Read more

Effort vs. Payoff

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I tried my new Ebelskiver on Easter morning. I kept it fairly simple – just your basic chocolate chip pancake mix. Not that making full on chocolate ones stuffed with peanut butter wouldn’t haven’t been totally awesome, but I like to give things a trial run before I waste a lot of time prepping something that might just end up getting tossed out. Anyway – first thing I learned? Don’t fill the little wells up all the way like I did in this picture. They cook too quickly on the bottom, but not enough on the sides/top to actually flip over with the skewers. By the time I could flip them, the bottoms were horribly burned. Lesson learned. Next round I only filled them part way up and it was much better. According to the directions, I should have done that from the beginning, but where’s the fun in reading… Read more