Beach, Day Three

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I seem to have become that which I most detest…a tourist. Never mind that most people are tourists when they go places. I was raised here on LBI, more or less – at least, during the summers. My grandmother had a tiny Cape Cod on Beach Haven Terrace, approximately 7 houses from the beach. During the big storm in the 60’s, the ocean washed away every house in front of hers, stopping only to let the waves lap over the front stoop. I spent nearly every weekend there for as long as I could remember, and honestly, if you’ve never fallen asleep to the sound of the Atlantic hitting the sand, then I am sorry for you. Some time later, my parents bought the house I’m in right now – a slightly bigger Cape Cod, all for the low, low price of $70k- probably about 25 years ago. They rented… Read more

Beach, Day One :)

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Vacation is always a strange thing for me. I have an extremely difficult time shutting down. Even getting on the road is hard. Not sure why. Something about getting yanked away from my internet, and my lack of ability to “be productive”, maybe. Sad, really, but there it is. Ironic, too. The majority of my friends are on-line these days. Going someplace where my ability to get online is so limited bothers me tremendously, for at least the first few hours. Call it the need to be needed, maybe. Like I’m afraid all my little on-line endeavors will fall apart without me or something. Which is bullshit, of course. The on-line world doesn’t cease to exist simply because I can’t get on it. After a while, that tension starts to slip away and I remember what it was like to have a life before internet. There’s a part of me… Read more