Beach, Day One :)

Vacation is always a strange thing for me. I have an extremely difficult time shutting down. Even getting on the road is hard. Not sure why. Something about getting yanked away from my internet, and my lack of ability to “be productive”, maybe. Sad, really, but there it is.

Ironic, too. The majority of my friends are on-line these days. Going someplace where my ability to get online is so limited bothers me tremendously, for at least the first few hours. Call it the need to be needed, maybe. Like I’m afraid all my little on-line endeavors will fall apart without me or something. Which is bullshit, of course. The on-line world doesn’t cease to exist simply because I can’t get on it.

After a while, that tension starts to slip away and I remember what it was like to have a life before internet. There’s a part of me that mourns for those days.


Yay, LBI! (and yes, I’m switching gears before I get too maudlin. Hello. Vacation?)

I was hoping to have pictures tonight, but mr myn’s camera decided to break this evening and the battery on mine ran out, so until I get it charged up, think I’m stuck for the moment. Let’s hear it for technology. On top of that I forgot the charger for my netbook, so after 1/2 a day it’s going to be worthless. Thankfully, I brought my dinosaur laptop along (*with* charger), so at least I’ve got something to work with.

Anyway, I missed True Blood last night, all for the sake of vacation. Suppose I’ll live, seeing as it’s on OnDemand anyway.

So, vacation appears to be somewhat overrated at times. Took us five hours to get here, which meant the kids didn’t go to bed until about midnight. Lucy fell out of her bed twice in the middle of the night (tonight we have rails!) and Connor got up at about 5:45. So, short night, long morning. On top of that, it’s been a while since mr myn and I have shared anything smaller than our king-sized bed. It takes a while to get comfortable in a normal double. Elbows and knees, ahoy! Probably will take us the rest of the week to figure it out. LBI also has a very small fire department, mostly run by volunteers. This means when the shit hits the fan, the air-raid siren goes off. Doesn’t happen all that often, but it did last night, around 2 am. It’s right up the street from us too, so nothing quite like having *that* jerk you out of bed.

We made up for the lousy night with a big-ass breakfast and then Lucy and I walked about 1/2 mile to the drugstore to find nail polish. She wanted her nails painted green, so thusly we went. And by walking, I mean, we walked for a bit and I carried her the rest of the way. (What, me backbone?) Managed to bribe her to walk most of the way home via Blowpop, so it worked out okay.

We set the crabtraps out when we got back (Connor and Pop-Pop went out for bunker). Caught several blueclaws for Pop-Pop’s lunch. Will post pictures tomorrow. And we went to the beach for about three or four hours, which equals a rather crispy myn. (Not *too* bad.)

Sunset walk to the bay and then popped the kiddies into bed. Mr myn is currently sitting in a semi-drunken stupor thanks to a few too many gin and tonics. I’m wavering on whether I should attempt to write/edit/beta or just say fuck it.

Yeah. That’s what I think too.

Fuck it. 😉

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