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I finished my edits last night. Finally. At least the first round of them. I’ve already got the first 16 chapters back to start the process over again, but the hard part is technically done, so now it’s just polish and snip, I think. (I managed to add about 5000 extra words to the manuscript, so I suspect we’re going to have to streamline it a bit).

I’m a little sketchy with how I’ve got the ending set up so I will probably be going back through that again, but as of 2 AM this morning, I couldn’t really focus on it anymore. I sent it off to my editor to give her a chance to look at the rest of it, and maybe we can come up with something better. I think I’ve been looking at it a little too long, so it’s probably good to just give it a little bit of a rest. In fact, I’m giving myself this whole day and evening to NOT look at any of it at all and just try to recharge a bit. I have, however, set up a test wordpress site and am messing around with it here and there. Damn these plugins that do not work. >_<

In the meantime, here are some random bits of awesome that I found on the web this week:

1) WriteSex – just a nice site that has some good articles on writing smut. I would guess many of you already know how to write them, but I appreciate their no-nonsense approach and the way they break it down into *writing* – not just tab a into slot b type of stuff. They also have some good advice on the business side of writing smut for a living. (Which I technically don’t do, but it could be applied to any sort of writing.)

2) ThunderKittys

Yeah. Hello Kitty X Thundercats

And OMG. You can buy t-shirts!

3) I seem to have finally broken 100 followers. Which doesn’t mean anything. Maybe I need to give something away?

4) Lego Dune

Spice Worms, FTW.

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