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A Bit Like the Ocean

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So I finally got back from World Fantasy Con on Sunday. I know I tend to be fairly quiet about where I am via social media during these things. I should probably be better about it, but a lot of it is laziness on my side, plus I have a tendency to want to focus on the con itself without all the other stuff getting in the way. In my case, I ended up fighting off the beginnings of a shitty cold on the first evening and then getting completely slammed by a fibromyalgia flare on the last evening – enough that I was stuck in bed for 5 or 6 hours on Saturday and had a lot of trouble walking/socializing most of the day.  I also managed to tear my left calf muscle pretty badly on Sunday after I got home, so I’m just a bundle of joy  at the moment,… Read more

Reset Switch

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I used to be a morning person. All through my childhood and even most of high school. I’d get up and be bright and cheerful at 6 AM and off I went.  Then college and real life hit and my hours got all gorked up. Fast forward to now and I’m a complete night owl. As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t even generally start writing until 10 PM most evenings – which has worked okay for me so far, but I’ve thrown a wrench in the works because I’ve quit soda. Which is where I got my caffeine buzz to do my late night work. (I’m still drinking tea, but a cup or two of tea is not remotely the same as the 4 to 6 can-a-day Coke Zero habit I dropped.) I’ve had  some withdrawal issues resulting in headaches, but it’s completely done a number on my writing and… Read more

The Aftermath

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Of course, the problem with handing in revisions is that once I’ve pulled the trigger to send them off, my brain refuses to shut down.  Five minutes after I moved away from the computer, my author-mind was like “Hey, you really should have fleshed out that scene there. Just a couple of lines. That’s all you need. Really.” And maybe I do. The good thing is that I still have time for small changes; it will be a little bit before the copyeditor gets the ms back to me. It’s probably good for me to take a small break from it anyway – after looking at it so hard core for the last few weeks, I’ve lost perspective on it. I’ve reached that saturation point where every sentence looks like crap. I’m second-guessing all my plot points – too much? not enough? OMFG the almost-sort-of-love-triangle? Will the readers be disappointed… Read more