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I used to be a morning person. All through my childhood and even most of high school. I’d get up and be bright and cheerful at 6 AM and off I went.  Then college and real life hit and my hours got all gorked up.

Fast forward to now and I’m a complete night owl. As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t even generally start writing until 10 PM most evenings – which has worked okay for me so far, but I’ve thrown a wrench in the works because I’ve quit soda.

Which is where I got my caffeine buzz to do my late night work. (I’m still drinking tea, but a cup or two of tea is not remotely the same as the 4 to 6 can-a-day Coke Zero habit I dropped.) I’ve had  some withdrawal issues resulting in headaches, but it’s completely done a number on my writing and sleeping routine.  (Couple that with the DH’s new work schedule and things are quite crazy on a number of level – and suprisingly normal now that he’s home most evening and weekends. My stress level has dropped considerably and that’s a pretty fab thing.)

I actually get tired by 10 or 11 now. I’ve started crashing earlier as a result – well before the midnight hour. Which is okay – I’m just having to try to figure out how to adjust how I do things, and hopefully as my body detoxes I’ll fall back into a more regular cycle. The upswing is I’ve started waking up earlier again. Woke at 5 am this morning and couldn’t go back to sleep. And then made the mistake of checking my email and found a task I needed to do and then my brain just started churning and that was it.

So why did I stop drinking it? Getting a little tired of the chemical stuff, so health reasons obviously play a part there. But also from a pain management standpoint, I’m hoping with a little less caffeine surging through the system my muscles will have a fighting chance at really relaxing.  (And yay, starting the IV therapy for pain management next week, so I’m psyched about that.)

So new schedule and more sleep sounds like a winner to me.  (Although Mists of Pandaria came out today. Might have to make an exception for a few days so I can Kung Fu Panda my way through WoW.)  😉

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