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Camp NeCon or Bust

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Look! Books! I finally got some prints in for Magpie’s Song – most of these are going off to reviewers and whatnot, but I do plan on giving some away, including this weekend over at Camp NeCon! I’m not entirely sure how I will be doing that – maybe just at random, or as part of the panel on Worldbuilding that I’m on.  (Saturday morning at 10 am, yo.) Of course, yes, it is the day before I leave for the con and I haven’t packed yet and I still have so much to do, so yes, I’m blogging instead. (Do I bring Cards Against Humanity? Subversive cross stitches to make and give away? Ack, I don’t know!) But it’s nice to be doing the author con thing again – it’s been at least three years since I’ve been able to manage it and even though this one is smaller,… Read more

Catching Up

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I turned in the draft for Magpie’s Fall today – which is the second book in the upcoming IronHeart Chronicles. And by “turning in” I mean I handed my editor what is one of the dirtiest drafts of my entire writing career. Doing the indie-book thing is definitely interesting as far as coming up with deadlines and forcing myself to stick with them. Part of it is driven by whatever living schedule I have, but a lot of it is financial too. Let’s just say self-pubbing is a *tad* more expensive than I thought it would be and leave it at that – but it also means I have to make sure I’ve got the ability to pay my editor on the schedule we’ve decided on. (And fitting into HER schedule as well – I can’t just let things slip more than a day or two or it sets everything… Read more

I Can Haz Proof…

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It’s an older meme sir, but it checks out… *ducks* In either case, I’m so excited to finally show the cover for Magpie’s Song in its entirety! Proofs have arrived and I’ve been sorting through all the bits and pieces to make sure there aren’t any errors for when it  goes to print for real. (And frankly it’s a damn good thing I did as I discovered I had accidentally entered the wrong ISBN for one set of them and oops. Easy fix now, maybe not so much if I had just gone on my merry way.) Now if you were one of my newsletter subscribers, you got to see this the other day (the actual artwork – I didn’t have the proof yet at that point,) but it’s amazing how lovely it looks wrapped around the actual content.  Incidentally, newsletter subscribers also got first crack at those swag bookmarks… Read more

Magpie’s Song Cover Reveal

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So, finally, *finally* I can share this bit of awesomesauce! I have publication dates, I have pre-order links, and I have a cover for the first book in my new series, The IronHeart Chronicles, officially on sale August 8th! The first book, as I’ve mentioned before is Magpie’s Song (obviously) and will be followed by Magpie’s Fall (Dec 2017) and Magpie’s Flight (TBD). At any rate, it’s been a long time coming and I’m so very pleased to finally be able to get this out into the world. Incidentally, the artist for this lovely cover is Regina Wamba of Mae I Design and I can’t emphasize enough what a great job she did on it (the full piece for the print version is *amazing* and I adore it.) So what’s the skinny on the book itself? A little back cover copy: In the slums of BrightStone, Moon Children are worth less than the… Read more