The Compassion of Dignity

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There is an old man in my neighborhood whose wife has Alzheimer’s. I’ve waved at him as I’ve driven by, but I’ve never spoken to him. I’ve never seen his wife either. He spends his entire day locked in the house with her, taking care of her needs. And every day at about 5 PM, he puts her to bed and comes out of the house and goes for a walk. He walks for a long time. He explained to our neighbors that he has to. I imagine it’s his only way of escaping what has probably become a daily hell – having to take complete and utter care of the one you decided to grow old with…and knowing that she will never know or understand the sacrifice he’s given her. I’m skating the edges of this blog post at the moment. There are things on my mind dealing with Ye… Read more

Ye Ye and kids…

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Thought I’d throw these up here today. Daddy Pang has Parkinson’s, so it’s hard to sometimes get a good picture these days. These were taken last month, but I really love them – it looks like he’s his old self, at least for a few moments. 🙂… Read more