Ye Ye and kids…

Thought I’d throw these up here today. Daddy Pang has Parkinson’s, so it’s hard to sometimes get a good picture these days. These were taken last month, but I really love them – it looks like he’s his old self, at least for a few moments. 🙂

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2 Responses to Ye Ye and kids…

  1. ~Sia McKye~ says:

    Love the second one Alison. Love his quizical, almost ready to laugh look. His face is just so full of expression.

    Are these your children?

  2. mynfel says:

    Yup. 🙂 Connor is 5 and Lucy is 2. That’s my husband’s father (obviously) 😉

    He’s had some real ups and downs over the last year or so, so it was really nice to see him not so overwhelmed by the disease.

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