The Gathering 2009

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Ok, so I’m only a week late with this…and yay! I finally got to meet La-Tessa! We’ve only been chatting away with each other for over a year now, so it was great finally getting to meet her in person. And hey, we’re practically wearing the same dress…but she wears it way better than I do. LOL. Anyway. The Gathering was a great success. It was nice seeing some old faces from Romantic Times, and connecting with other online friends from workshops or mailing loops or crit groups. It reminds me that even though writing and getting pubbed is a personal journey for many of us, there’s still so many people taking it together. Comfort in numbers, maybe…even with the threat of competition. Though really, I’d prefer to see it as encouragement via proxy. 😉 I’ll admit I was pretty tired that evening, though. Lucy had kept me up the… Read more

Updates and such.

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Well, it’s not much of an update, really. I’ve seem to have taken to writing my blogs in my head again (whether in the shower or driving to work or folding laundry or whatever.) Not sure if it’s the effort of trying to organize my thoughts that triggers the mental acrobats, but what’s interesting it that once I’ve done it, I no longer seem to need to write it down here. Go figure. (It’s too bad, really -because I’ve “written” some pretty deep and interesting stuff that way. LOL). I would like to put up some specific posts here in a bit, but I’ve got a lot of pictures and I need to figure out how to organize them. Still, most of the last few weeks was spent prepping for The Gathering over at Nationals (i.e the PRISM awards from FF&P). I was in charge of coming up with the… Read more

The Gathering 2009

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Yay! 🙂 I won’t be attending since I’m not going to Nationals, but I did get to create the ad that’s going into RWA magazine.… Read more