Bacon! Contest! Win!

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Just a quick post to remind everyone that today is the last day for the Haiku for an ARC contest. (Lots of funny ones yesterday!) Also, I wanted to thank La-Tessa for sending me the best thing ever invented: Chocolate Bacon. Hope everyone has a brilliant Christmas Eve and an even nicer Christmas tomorrow!… Read more

Unicorns Abound

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Clearly this is a bumper week as far as receiving unicorns goes. The lovely glass rainbow unicorn on the table (and helpfully modeled by Lucy) was a gift  from the awesomesauce Jeffe. ** (And really, it doesn’t get much better than rainbows AND unicorns – but even better when they’re all squished into one.) The haiku for an ARC contest is still going strong – you’ve got two more days to get your entries in. (And incidentally, each entry is going into a SQL database and weighted accordingly based on points and then drawn randomly based upon that. You know. In case you care.) Phin’s Haiku for the day: Bacon is crunchyI left you some sparkles inyour underwear drawer ** Special congrats to Jeffe for making it into PAN this week! 😀… Read more

Contracts! (And Mini Blog Contest!) aka Pimp My Title

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I officially got my contract from the publisher today. I’m obviously not going to go into any sorts of details about the specifics, but it’s pretty damn cool. And scary. But mostly cool. Lots of stuff to try to figure out, but overall the language seems pretty straightforward. (Although perhaps I have a little bit of an advantage since my dad was a lawyer/is a judge. Sometimes you absorb some of the concepts just growing up around a lot of legal documents.) In the meantime, my editor also informed me that it looks as though the publishing date for Book 1 has been bumped up. (I’ll post specific dates when I’m allowed). However, as cool as that is, it also means I need to come up with:1) A Series Title. 2) An Actual Book Title. Like now. That’s right – Shadow of the Incubus needs a pimping new title. So,… Read more

W00t! I won the Molly!!!

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I wasn’t even going to blog today, but I just found out and I had to share it.  🙂  No details yet on scores or requests (and there may not be any), but good news all the way around. I’ve been on pins and needles all weekend actually – giving the lie to my previous comment of contests being no big deal. (I think I just hate to get that far into something and then lose, but who knows?) This is the last of my contest finals now (that I know of – there are a few stragglers out there that haven’t gotten anything back to me), so you won’t be hearing anything else from me on this stuff for a while.  (Probably to everyone’s great relief. LOL)… Read more

A Second Contest Win!

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Just got the call to tell me that Shadow of the Incubus won the Paranormal Category for the 2009 Heart of the Rockies Contest! So now I’m wondering – do I tell the agent that requested the full a few months ago about my wins and ms requests?  I feel like I should, but I’d really hate to be seen as pushy…… Read more