A Second Contest Win!

Just got the call to tell me that Shadow of the Incubus won the Paranormal Category for the 2009 Heart of the Rockies Contest!

So now I’m wondering – do I tell the agent that requested the full a few months ago about my wins and ms requests?  I feel like I should, but I’d really hate to be seen as pushy…

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4 Responses to A Second Contest Win!

  1. LaTessa says:

    WOOHOO!! You are on a roll!!

    Now, I don't know the appropriate decorum is here in the situation (if you've already sent the agent your stuff) but I say you have the credentials so use them. But your contests wins in all your queries and cover letters.

    I say ask a more season writer and see what they say.

  2. The Ninja Knitter says:

    Yes, yes, yes! Absolutely! Toot that horn, hon.

  3. ~Sia McKye~ says:

    I'd tell her. Why not? Just a quick, I'm jazzed, I won this contest with this MS.

    The truth is, if the agent likes your work, she's going to publish it regardless. If she doesn't, a contest win won't matter.

    I'm so glad you won though. Gives you a needed boost in spirit, doesn't it?


  4. mynfel says:

    Yes – it does, but I find it hard to react sometimes. And I did send off a quick email to the agent this morning letting her know. Harder to do than I thought – can't help wonder if I'm just going to get a faster rejection this way (by drawing attention to it. LOL).

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